Just wanted to report my first "hands on" work on my STS since I bought it in November. I replaced the plugs and wires in about 1 hour. The plugs were the originals (I believe) with no oil or wetness which I was very happy about.

The plugs came out easy, no sign of anti-seize, so I went with bbob's advice and went back in with the new ones (AC 41-950's) with no anti-seize. The plug wires I bought were not ACs, but as a test, I bought Autozone's top of the line UltraWire, I believe, and amazingly enough I want to report that the ones I bought had "Delphi" printed on the boots just as the OEM's do. (I brought in the originals to compare).

I also found the cause of my exhaust fumes in the cabin at a stop problem - small crack in the blower housing. Solved temporarily with duct tape (I guess that is what it was named for no?).

Car started on first try - dives much smoother. I'll report on gas mileage differences after 92,000 miles later on.