I have a 1996 Sedan-Deville. It has about 142,000 miles on it and looks and drives good.

Had it since 18k miles and has had dealer service. Regular oil changes/service.

1 - Can I expect to drive this car to 250,000 miles with out major problems?
2 - What problems will I likely encounter other than minor standard maintance issues like breaks, tires, oil changes, etc?
3 - I put in a new transmission at about 75k
4 - Air Conditioning Compressor, etc replaced
5 - Fuel rail replaced.
6 - Computer replaced after a deep water splash killed it.
7 - Service Ride Control light is on... is that a problem?

I really like the car and would like to plan on keeping it a few more years (some body will be driving it if not me

Any tips greately appriceated.

Thanks - Will