Hello all, Its been a while since I last posted. Since I have bought another 'Lac. I dont have the blac-on-blac anymore, I got another 96 Deville. I been checking in, looking through the posts though. Anyways,

I got this 'Lac and ever since I got it, it has had the "check oil level" sign on. Even though the oil level was correct. So I bought an oil level sensor on ebay,real cheap, so I got home and
read through some previous posts to check how to do it. I read a couple of them and It said that I didn't have to drain the oil, If you do it fast only a little bit will fall out, WRONG. I did it without draining the oil and 3 quarts spilled out! The sensor is long so you have to move it around so you can fit it in there. So some word of advice is to drain the oil first. just my 2 cents.