I used a 9/16-drill bit clamped in a tap wrench to remove as much of the broken off guide pin as possible. I then switched to a 5/8-11 tap and since I’m installing head studs, I cut the threads to the bottom. The first time I backed the tap out of the hole the remnants of guide pin came with it. YESSSSSS!!!!!

Thanks Guy’s.
The tip’s from billbrownfarm, (post #2 & 5) and Submariner409, (post #7) worked very well. I did have to use a small pry bar between the deck and the pipe wrench to gently pry outward whilst twisting the guide pins. I used a rag over duct tape to protect the surface), thanks Manic Mechanic, (post #9). Also the tip from Speedygman, (post #6) worked well in regards to the one pin that sheared off.