1-Im going to change my CV joint any tips. I recently changed it like 6 months ago and the boot is completely destroyed why could this have happen? My guess is that my lower motor mount is shot and because of the movement, it has messed it up. When i got the car the motor mount was the same way. And after changing the motor mount it would make a click noise while going reverse i am certain that i installed it properly because thats not a hard thing to do

2-since I need to change the motor mount should I change it when I change the CV joint I also need to change my bearing/hub assembly as roger told me already so should i do this all at the same time

3-rack and pinion-My car does not wana turn left it does but its very hard to the right works perfectly i think that the cause is the rack and pinion am i correct?and do i have to change both or just the right.

4-the whole right front side suspension in my car is all screwed up those skiny bars(i dunno the name sorry) on the right with little rubbers that have a screw that swivels at the end are also messed up can i change just the rubber or do i have to change the whole thing

5-What would be the proper order to handle these projects and any tricks of the trade would be helpful.

I greatly appreciate you guys helping me out so much specially roger u the best and everyone else on here DAMN I LOVE CADILLACS! sorry for the long thread