First and foremost, I have a problem with my elecectric fans. I replaced the 50 amp maxi fuse under the hood because the old one was blown. I tried turning the a/c on, but my a/c compressor is bypassed so I don't think that it would cause the electric fans to come on, but after the car was running for about 5 minutes the fans came on. However, the car was only at 180 degrees, and I didn't think they were supposed to come on till 224 degrees. Regardless, I was just happy they came on. Well, I didn't think too much of it, but I didn't notice them coming on again when I had the car started. So I ran the car up to 230 and the fans didn't come on. I checked the fuse and sure enough it was blown. Any suggestions on where I should start looking to fix this. Hot spots for shorts in the fan wiring, relays, or anything would be greatly appreciated. I hate electrical stuff .

Second problem. I still get an idle jump. I replaced the ISC motor and thoroughly cleaned the throttle body. Both of these helped tremendously as the car idles between 650 and 750 rpms when warm, when it used to idle around 750 to 1000 when it was warm. It only jumps about 200 rpms now when it used to jump about 400 to 500 before. It will idle good for a little while, then it will sound like it's about to die out, then the idle jumps. I also noticed when I rev the engine while it's in park, the rpms stop around 1000 rpms, then bounce back up to like 1500 then slowly come back down to 650 or 750 rpms.