Weirdest thing happened the other day, went to leave off from a stop sign as I was climbing the incline from the stop, I noticed the 1-2 shift was wierd. It really wasnt a really hard shift but it was crisp and fast. All the other gears shifted out fine. Pulled the obd codes and all I got was po502 history which has come and gone for like 2 years. I know its the outside speed sensor on the tranny. So I shut the car the off and restarted and still got the same sorda 1-2 shift. Well I finally cleared the Po502 history and what a coincedince, it shifted fine. I dont think that-that fixed the problem at all though. My question is any idea what may be goin on or what to look for?? Oh and I did check the tranny fluid seems fine, bright red and full. Had the tranny serviced about 10,000 ago, currently running 131,000 and going strong. Gotta love the north*