We always have people asking us about catch can's, so we are exited to add the RX can to our offerings. We also have available a great looking color matched breather oil cap!

Single Check Valve Can- http://marylandspeed.com/rx-performa...sv-p-4094.html

Dual Check Valve Can- http://marylandspeed.com/rx-performa...dv-p-4095.html

Product Description-

Please note standard catch can is polished finish. Othere colors may take time to ship.

The RX can is the only unit available that has integrated positive closing poly check valves & self regulates the amount of flow eliminating oil pull-through during deceleration from WOT runs.

The cans are nearly 1 qt capacity, have a unique disc baffling system and perforated dispersion tube to ensure the vapors not only cool quickly to droplets, but the large separation chamber allows the flow to slow enough for the droplets to fall out of suspension trapping it before the vapors travel a final passes through a separate exit chamber and out the integrated check valve.

The dual valve unit is the ONLY one on the market that ensures continuous crankcase evacuation no matter what the operating mode. In boost or not, the dual valve unit detects the moment the intake manifold becomes pressurized closes preventing the boost from pressurizing the crankcase, and opens the valve allowing the FI head unit inlet to provide the vacuum needed for continuous evacuation.

Remote drain tube makes emptying simple & mess free.

Optional breather oil fill cap with built in one way check valve.

Available in most popular GM colors or polished aluminum.