oh my, my caddy (89 sedan deville) has been starting up and running high. it has been doing this for about a month and a half now. I didn't know what to think of it at the time. I got it to idle normal by accelerating slightly higher than what it was doing, while in park, and release the accelerator and it would idle normal. then, one day after i got off work, i was driving normal (not hot rodding it or anything) and the lights flickered on and off really fast, my speedometer needle flew far right and then back to my normal speed, but my engine was off. there was no chugging or anything. after I got the car to stop, I tried to turn the engine over. it was trying, but no ignition. I checked the carb and no fuel was going in. so i got the car home, next day i tried to start it and look around some more now that it was daylight. it started right up. so i thought the fuel filter was clogged, although why that would shut down the car i don't know. I tried to take the filter off except the line was totaly rusted and snaped off . I put a universal number on there but now there was no power:drinker . then i figured that the fuel line was a ground, so to took 10 gauge wire and clamped on one side of the line and went past the filter and clamped it there. BING, power on:coolgleam . drove around some more after that and it shut off again . went to Checker (before i found out about the self diagnostic built in the car) and got their machine, plugged it in, throttle switch short and memory reset clear codes( ecm code 52) . I found the TPS switched it, having hopes this is why the power flickers and idels high at start up. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! so does anyone have any ideas? can ya tell i am losing it?