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Thread: Illumina /Bbob/Nodh and other Tech types

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    Re: Illumina /Bbob/Nodh and other Tech types

    Quote Originally Posted by N0DIH
    I sucked up some freon down a vacuum line into the engine once. Smoked like crazy. (oil is suspended in the freon). But was find.

    Engines are great vacuum pumps to suck down an AC system....
    I never thought of that. Thats pretty cool. my grandpa showed me a trick that when you jump the compressor to make it run keep pressing the shrader valve on the high side and letting the air out. As it pulls vacuum on the low side you can discharge the air on the high side. After no more air comes out you can charge it. Of course, when I went to school to get certified they assured us that was a no no because the of the potential freon loss to the environment.


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    Re: Illumina /Bbob/Nodh and other Tech types

    Quote Originally Posted by illumina
    The intercooler will be cheaper though. Some guys have even done a thing where they have refrigerant being directly sprayed onto the intercooler: not a good idea for those emissions-crazed states...You know that thing where you expend refrigerant into the o-zone? Those freakin' hippies would bitch a fit about it
    I don't think r-134a is bad for the environment, just people (it's corrosive).

    Random thoughts in intercooling:

    I've seen NOS sprayed directly onto intercooler fins, mostly on smaller cars where you cant get big intercoolers bolted up. It's gotta help - freezes 'em right up. I 'cold-burned' myself multiple times on my NOS tank fittings (when I used the stuff on my Mustang).

    An efficient intercooler makes a huge difference - the more square inches of fins the better, obviously. I picked up a couple of tenths moving from stock to a much larger stock-location intercooler on the GN. One of these days I'm going get the IC out from under the hood and up in front, but the front-mount intercoolers are pricey.

    The Typhoon had a liquid-to-air intercooler but I doubt it really helped as much as a decent front-mounted air-to-air would have. They put the coolant resevoir for the IC on top of the hot exhaust manifold, and the IC itself was puny.


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