Thanks for the quick reply Bbob...Yes it is a FWD Fleetwood. Very rare and that's why when I ask for parts i have to ask for Deville parts because most partt books only list a Fleetwood FWD from 1986 on.

My main problem is the car runs super when cold but when it warms up it's all over the place. Let me start from a dead stop....Idle is perfect, no problem there. If I slowly accelerate I shift nice when warm but if I go to hit the pedal hard the car hesitates and feels sort of like how the old carbs used to flood out or basically what the old carburetors used to feel like when they were cold and the choek wasnt working right. Checked all vac hoses and ran vac tests. Checked TPS setting and it's fine. ISC motor works fine. The confusing thing is that the service manual (Factory) says min air of 375??? Isnt that kind of low considering I keep reading everywhere 450 to 500. But this wouldnt do it right because the ISC IS allowing the car to idle at 600 in Drive. Is my throttle body shot of possibly the injectors cant handle the extra fuel required for hard acceleration. I know NOTHING about fuel injection cars as this is my first. Oh by the way Fuel Pressure is a constant 10PSI in any type of driving conditions. Did the complete tests of all the switches, even with the test light ( You know what Im talking about). All switches fine, all resistances fine. I think it's just a basic fuel delivery problem and Im reading too much into this. I just dont know if I want to get a TBI out of a low mileage Caddy in the junk yard due to these engines failing or just replace the injectors. Someone told me the accelerator plates are aluminum and they tend to wear in these cars even though the TBI body is diecast. What do you think. I am pretty much deadset against it being an emmision problem because the EGR vacuum is perfect. Trust me. I kmnow how to use a vacuum pump and vacuum offense. Just curious as to the reliability of the TBI and what fails first although it's been going strong for about 180K of the 200K miles that are on the car. Did a complete tuneup also with AC Delco plugs and tried cheapo wires as well as AC delco wires and no difference. Thanks again.