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Thread: how to/ Tune up

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    how to/ Tune up

    What is covered in a "standard" tune-up on the 4.9. What can i do myself? I want to cover the engine from top to bottom. I have no clue where to start. Is there a standard list that people go by. Is there special tools or diagnostic equipment that i need.

    The things that i came up with was to put new spark plugs in and new wires, clean out the air induction system, change the oil, clean the throttle body but where do i go from there???

    if anyone can give me suggestions please be as detailed as possible (don't mind me im a little slow) Thanks in advance

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    Re: how to/ Tune up

    The "typical" dealer or shop will tell you that a "tune-up" is plugs & filters but I will tell you that beyond that, you should be doing and OBD diagnostic (check for codes), change the accessory drive belt, check the belt tensioner, replace the distributor cap and rotor, ignition wires, check the ignition timing, check the intake manifold bolt torque, do a complete "once-over" for leaks, check the battery connections, check the charging system voltage, just basically go over the whole damn thing.

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    PCV valve! It's hidden under the right side of the front valve covering. (black plastic) This little 3 dollar item froze up on me with my Mercury and cost me 1200 dollars in oil seals, change it! I recommend Bosch Platinum spark plugs as they have proven themselves in my other vehicles. Yes, there are better plugs.

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    Re: how to/ Tune up

    with your model car i don't think u have a cap and rotor. and i think the timing is done by the on board computer. a tune up would be spark plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter, pcv valve, and put in some fuel injection cleeaner, and if u haven't change the oil than do that to. oh for spark plugs stay away from the Bosch 4's they are not gapped and most cars need a gapped plug and the bosch 4's aren't and u can't gap them. they cause my 94 chevy cavalier to miss fire big time. just my 2cents

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    Re: how to/ Tune up

    I think 4.9's do have a cap & rotor if im not mistaken but the timing IS controlled by the ECM.


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