I have a 85 Brougham 4.1, I keep breaking the belt that runs from Crank to fan and airpump/emissions pump. I normally when replacing it remove the pulley on the air pump and then put belt on and spin it on, this time I cannot get one of the bolts loose from pulley. I removed alternator and got behind the air pump and loosened what I believe is the Tension bolt, it runs perpendicular to the pump on the back side I loosened it all the way and the pump as not moved any closer to the fan for me to get the belt over it, there is also a bolt that feels like it connects the tension on the backside that runs into the pump and not behind it. What all bolts do I need to loosen/remove the air pump? this 4th belt I've replaced, I can't see behind the pump to know if I'm missing a bolt, also I removed the bolt that runs through the Alternator mount bracket and into the air pump.