i have an 81 cadillac eldorado barritz, that we replaced the motor with one of a 84 eldorado the ht4100. car ran great, then one day it just turned off while driving. it was hard to get it started just to make it home. since then i have been pulling my hair to figure out whats wrong with it. i replaced cap, rotor, wires, plugs, fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter, valve cover gaskets, coolant temp. sensor, one of the two map sensors that has a hose attached to it. other on only has a wiring harness attached to it. i have been to the junk yard to replace some parts & hoses that were just old. car turns on and stays on..runs better, but when i accelerate the car runs really rough, like its missing. i didnt replace the coil inside distributor, because a mechanic buddy told me the car would not start if that was bad. i also replace a sensor that mounts to the side of the throttle body..i think the throttle position sensor, it didnt have any type of adjustment. when i accelerate you can see it move. we had a carb. shop clean out the injectors inside the throttle body. he said they were a bit dirty. but car still runs very rough at acceleration, wants to shut off if i put it in gear, have to keep pumping gas to keep it on. any suggestions??? i want to take it to a mechanic, but cant keep it on. i found out through these forums, that these are a pain in the behind cars. only thing i could think about replacing would be egr valve, pcv valve, 02 sensor, and thermostat. have someone check the timing, and gear inside distributor....anyone have similar issues