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Got it back from the dealer today and it was all fixed.

The problem was the downstream O2 sensor had fouled the spark plug on cylinder 2 (at the back, farthest to the left). Now of course, the home mechanic can't get at the downstream sensor and so they had to replace it.

Essentially it rendered cylinder 2 inoperative and caused it to run rich, hence the misfire.
Cool well that answers my question in a previous post 2dfx Glad to hear you got her running good again, i figured it was somthing simple> funny cause after you had problems my engine started missing real bad, come to find out it just needed new plugs > i didn't have a bit of trouble installing them though, I just let my mechanic climb on top of my engine and change them while i installed his new dash speakers in his Camaro! We trade out Mechanical labor for stereo equipment > works for me