I posted this in the Eldo/Seville forum but am not getting much response yet, so hopefully it's alright to post here also

Hi- we're working on the Seville 1991 4.9L

what are the chances that all three Hall Effect switches I have here are bad? They are all used, but I didn't think they went bad often. When testing, the book says is should below .05v when the blade is out, and should read within .05 of battery voltage with the blade in. I've tested three junkyard distributors now and two modules, and they all read fine with the blade out, but are at 1.49v - 1.50v with the blade in...
What gives? Can something else be causing the Hall switch (all of 'um) to read like this? Something doesn't seem right... Could I have two bad modules, would that cause this? I don't think I can test the module, can I?

Any help would be most appreciated! Thank you!