well i put a rebuilt transmission in rom a 1988 fleetwood into my 1987 deville, a few things were different, the speed sensor, TV cable, and the sensor thing around the shifter. The car drives fabulous, shifts super smooth, and has WAY more power than before. It downshifts fine when coming to a stop, but if i'm on 3rd gear coasting to a stop anf then step on the gas, it downshifts harshly to second. Everything else is good.

My speedometer is way off and whent he car is in park, my economy gauge jumps aorund and so does the speedo, it goes form 0 to 2 back to zero to 6 back to 2 then to 7 or 8 etc. I don't know what the hell is going on.

On my caddy, buddy and I dropped the engine with subframe etc through the bottom, then disconnected engine from subframe, then disconnected tranny from engine, re-did the oil pan gasket, timing cover gasket, front main seal, and put the whole car back together driving it home in a work day and a half, so that means i spent approx 18 hours total, started at 4 pm thursday, halfay finished at 6 pm, came back at 9 pm, engine out at 10 pm, next day (friday) started at 8 30 am, (half hour lunch break) and finished at 10:30 pm. Fired right up as if i didn't take anything apart. My first time doing a job like this with the help of my buddy. Giant pain in the ass, but experience is experience.