okay, here is the problem, The tranny seems to slip into 2nd gear and 3rd a little, Ive had this problem 4 months ago, The problem went away will some grandpa driving for about a month. I kinda beat the car after that for 3 months with no problems, all of a sudden now the car seems to be slipping. Once it is slipping at all times , If i grandpa the car and give it under a 1/4 throttle the trans shifts beautifully. no slippage at all. anything over 1/4 it shifts hard. what could this possibly be? I had vss codes before but they haven't came up in some time. In addition I keep getting e49 which is the a.i.r. code, i replaced my air diverter solenoid and still get the code. I hear the solenoid clicking on and off rapidly. I have a new o2 sensor in the car. Anyone have any suggestions on either problem