I replaced my injectors about 3 years ago on my '89 Deville. I bought them from Advance auto Parts when i worked there. I noticed when i changed these out that these looked different that the OEM type. I installed them anyways. Car drove ok but i was still having problems with acceleration, hardstarting, just all out falling on its face feel. Well car was stored from then til this past March. I been fixing alot on this car and I took it to a mechanic and they said they noticed the fuel injectors were "dripping" during idle. Could this be why i am having problems? Now when I look up the part numbers, they are different than 3 years ago. Maybe Advance's computers were wrong or possibly the redesigned them again. Now the injectors look like my OEM ones I took out. Should I buy the new correct injectors or is this "dripping" normal on TBI? Thanks for your help. Chris.