The past 2 weeks i have been putting off replaceing the waterpump . Last wensday i determined it was bad after takeing the belt off and spinning the pump by hand and hearing the bearing going sour .

Decided it would tear it down friday and id have 2 days to go thru the accesory drive setup all weekend to get it noise free (would be rebuilding the alternator and cleaning all pulleys)

Stered off for school yesterday and on startup i heard the belt squeel , i thought ah shell make it to and from shcool for a coulpe of days . Got within 3 miles of the school when i got a "NO BATTERY CHARGE" message , i knew i seized a bearing somewhere , and i knew it had something to do with either the waterpump or the outside alternator bearing . What i didnt realize is that i had totaly lost the belt and had no drive for the powersteering pump till i turned off the road to a parkinglot. I have driven many cars with broken pumps , this is the first that i didnt think i could get it turned . Got out and opened the hood to discover the waterpump pulley sitting on a 15 degree angle , i havent seena pump fail like that . Got it towed home to begin waterpump fest 2004 . 30 mintues later i had gotten the pulley off and the damned shaft fell out of the car, it had sheared the 1 inch diameter soild steel shaft that drives the impeller in 2 and cut several of the ball bearings in half in my 10 years of working trucks and cars i havent seen a pump go like this . At midnight the car was running under its own power again and not leaking a drop . Took me 4 hours , but i ate dinner and had 4 beers a few smokes (started smoking again). Its probably a 2 hour job and isnt that bad as long as you have long and short 15mm,13mm and 10mm sockets and the torx bits to do it , an air ratchet speeds things up alot (took 15 minutes to get that thing to work again) . The GM department of sharp objects did a real nice job on the braket that holds the water tank to the a/c dryer , i have a nice scar where it looks liek i tried to slit my wrist . If your back is ok then i dont see a problem doing this job , i wont do it again as my bad back has really been agrivated after 4 hours of leaning over the fender .

Moral ofthe story is "if you know you have a problem fix it right away , dont procrastinate"