My 83 Coupe Deville decided to light up the Service Now light. So I ran the diagnostic and I got a hard code of 33. Looking it up I find it saying its the
MAP/BARO Sensor Correlation (DFI) Shorted MAP Sensor Circuit (all others).

Is the Service Now light in relation to this code 33 ?
I did clear the computer out and it goes away. But its seems the problem is intermittent.

I have changed the Plugs,wires,cap and rotor and I still have the intermittent problem. Also the car does run a little rough especially when the air is on.

Also while I was under the hood I noticed the Cruise Control was not hooked up. I saw the chain but I'm not sure what part I need to get to re-hook it to the Linkage.

Thanks for your thoughts which are much needed.