whew, well the problem turned out to be a bad solenoid on top of the starter.
It was what I had suspected all along because of all the excess clicking before starting.
The original solenoid wasnt making contact with the posts in the back which in turn power the starter motor.
I took it off, it looked ok from the inside and outside but who knows, it could have been a minute difference that I couldnt see.
Also, I was at the park ready to leave when the damn thing just wouldnt crank, click or make any noise, it just died so I left it over night and came back the next day to fix it.
At least no one tried to vandalize my car.
It feels pretty good just being able to start the car and go instead of waiting for an hour or better with the hood up.
Whats funny is the same night I fixed it I saw an Autozone commercial where someones solenoid went out, how ironic.
Now I have one less thing to worry about.
Thanks for your help