hey guys this forum has been helpful to the point i feel like im a cadillac expert lol! this is my first time posting tho because i usually find the answer on here but im stomped now. i have a 2001 cadillac sts. i motor blew up on me so i went out and bought a 2003 cadillac sts (cant stay away from them lol) and i love it. before the motor blew up i bought some monroe struts from advance auto for $550 a piece. i obviously didnt want them to go to waste so i had them put on the 2003 sts since it needed some anyway. my friend put them on for me and they fit. the problem is i noticed they changed the harness on both struts and how they are done. the '01 struts have the wire connected directly to the strut that clamped on the car. the '03 struts wire has the wire going from the car to the strut. the wire for the '01 is black and white. the wire from the '03 have red and green. my i had the idea of cutting the wires and splicing them together but my question is do the colors even matter? are they kind of like dc vs ac if you all know what i mean? also if i can do it will i still have the magnaride as i should with those struts?