Man, what a weekend! I know its bad etiquette to cross post from another forum, but I had to let you guys know I hooked up with a bunch of XLR owners and headed to Effingham, IL to hang out with folks that own that other GM car built at Bowling Green. I had no idea what was in store for us when I agreed to go,but it was a fantastic time: great friends, great food, and tons of fun. Our host allowed us to park our cars in his back yard for a photo shoot.

Yes, that's 11 XLRs, a ZR1, and a Grand Sport - Over a million dollars in cars! And when our caravan rolled into the Corvette FunFest, we turned heads of even the dieHard Vette lovers!

By the end of the day, two more XLRs had joined us and the party was on! Our host brought in a BBQ champion from Champaign and even brought out his cannon to accompany the fireworks. My train horns got nothing on that cannon.

My main purpose for going was to get some new shoes for FireFox. I was hoping to get them installed at the event, but at least I was able to buy them at a discount. MAM is shipping them to my home next week. I also made some contacts for hopefully finally getting some movement on the supercharger for Calile.