The Forum allows a factual post on an unresolved dispute with a vendor or another member once all efforts to resolve the issue offline have been exhausted. Then, the post must be factual and cannot be used to bash the vendor or the member. Once the post has been made, it cannot be repeated in other sections or on other days.

Moderators will try to leave such threads open until everybody with direct knowledge of the issue being addressed has had a chance to provide their version of the facts. The thread must not become a running debate on the accuracy of the “facts” and may not deteriorate into an exchange of personal attacks. Neither should be used as an opportunity for speculation by those who do not have direct knowledge of the issue.

Once there has been the opportunity for the facts on all sides to be posted, the thread will be locked. It will remain in the database and will be available for review by those who are researching the topic, vendor or member.

The Forum is not in a position to monitor transactions or to determine the “true facts” in most disputes. Upon request, however, the Forum will try to intervene and mediate a settlement suitable to all parties in a dispute. When issues are resolved in the matter, it will be posted to the original dispute thread so it becomes part of the searchable record. We believe that is a more useful record of performance for potential customers than would be an eBay-style rating system.

As has been our past practice, members or vendors who show a pattern of unresolved issues will be removed from Cadillac Owners.