I'm in Reading, PA and have owned Cadillacs for many years. Currently am driving a 2002 DTS, before that a 1996 Deville Concoures, etc.

I'm retired and have always wanted a classic Cadillac. My interest is in a 1980-1985 Base Fleetwood Limousine. My interest in a base vehicle is because I want to make sure I can get and house it in my garage. I really have no experience with these vehicles and any information provided to help me in my search would really be appreciated.

I particularly like the 1984 model with the opera window, blue paint with matching blue vinyl roof. A friend of mine told me that this model only came with a variable 4/6/8 engines that were very difficult to maintain and get to run consistent, any truth to this?

Please educate me? Pros/Cons on buying? Where can I find a site to look for a car like this?

Feel free to call me if you like, 610-334-6403

Once again, I really appreciate any information provided!

Bucky Barbour