Here I have a very special custom made Cadillac Escalade emblem for sale. This emblem has been made with A old school Cadillac v emblem from a 1958 Cadillac. I made base plates for each emblem out of ABS plastic for a clean factory look. the base plates have the correct curvature to fit the front grill and also can be painted to match. My Escalade was green and as you can see the final product sat very nicely. Currently the emblems and base plates are separated. This makes the painting process much easier. Looks a little rough from storage but will come out looking great with a little sanding and fresh paint.

*** I don't have the chrome colored crest any more***
You could take off your own and place it on top of the base plate or just order a new one. This is how you would receive it.

I also have a set of satin wreath and crest. The crest is solid with no color inside of the crest.

Additional pictures.

PM or email me with offers. Will go to the highest bidder
**send me your emblem and some spray paint and I will finish it off for you for extra $**