Hi. I am attempting to install the seats out of a '04 devil in a '62 ford. ive installed the back seat fairly successfully and got the passenger seat working however the drivers side electric seat is not so easy. i understand this has to do with the memory module in the door of the car. i have the whole car in my driveway at the moment so i can scrap out any parts i need to finish this project. it would still be preferable to simply bi-pass this whole ordeal and just get the basic functions of the seat working, as the memory module is no use to me in the new car. Im not new to wiring so if somebody has the schematics for the seat it would be a great help! they are the heated and cooled version. I also wouldn't mind hooking up the air conditioned seat to a simple switch located somewhere in the car. however if its going to be a lot of extra trouble i can live without the cooled seat. if any one has experience in doing this, all input will be greatly appreciated!