I have a 2008 Cadillac DTS. My Kenwood aftermarket radio installed by BestBuy has worked fine for 4 years. Normally when I start the car the radio comes on by itself. But now the radio only comes on sporadically. I have put my multimeter on the radio fuse and it is not getting 12v, it is only getting 0.1 volts. Sometimes when I am driving the radio will turn on by itself (seems like suddenly the radio circuit gets 12v.... the radio stays on for a few minutes and then the circuit loses 12v power and so the radio shuts off. If I pull the fuse completely out with the engine running and re-insert it into the fusebox sometimes the radio will turn on. It is a very sporadic problem. I have pulled every single fuse and checked it, ALL are good. I checked some other circuits and they are all getting 12 or 13 volts. None of them seem to have this sporadic problem.

What would cause the circuit to not get power? The fusebox for radio circuit is in backseat right next to my new car battery. For testing the circuit I am using a special fuse with a red lead that I connect to my multimeter.

PLEASE help, I have diagnosed this to best of my ability... it seems something in between the battery and fuse circuit is faulty or loose. Is there any resistors or relays I should check? Should I remove fusebox to see if there is loose connection near the radio circuit? Thanks for helping and such a great forum.