hey caddy black & all you caddy lovers, i wrote you guys about my problem with my digi dash. well good news, i hope someone read my e mail about eastern service center in hackensack n.j. my dash is good as new. this fellow, theo, i wrote about worked with me like unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he had 4 digi dashes on the shelf to choose from. i pulled my climate control out & he bench tested it. not the problem. i pulled the digi dash out & he bench tested it & found that it had 3 bad caps & a loose solder connection. he brought me a dash & i put it in, in the parking lot this is, in front of the place. 291.00 later my dash was up & running just like before. again this shop is on essex street in hackensack nj across from the mcdonalds. new topic sort of. on wednesdays at the fireplace on rt 17 in paramus nj the nj chapter of the caddy club assembles. last wednesday a guy pulled up with a beat up van. turns out he has a salvage yard in nj, called unique auto & truck. its location is on 470 chandler road & jackson mills road in jackson nj. i start talking to him & he lays on me that he has 600 caddys in his yard.phone # is 732-363-0677. the cars are on the ground not piled up on one another.he said he has a ton of stuff camaros firebirds mustangs all kinds of odd cars. directions are as follows- nj tpke to 7a ,east on rt 195 to exit 22, go north on jackson mills rd.,one mile to the corner of chandler road, the yard is on the left.his name is john. i wanted to share this with you fellow caddys. hope this helps someone along the way for spare parts instead of going to the dealers. i'm happy!!!!!!