I wonder if anyone has ever attempted taking the digital speedometer unit from a 90/91/92 Fleetwood Brougham and installing it into an 80-89 car, replacing the needle-type speedometer? If so, how hard was it to do? I figure the cable attachment at the transmission would be replaced by a speed sensor directly there at the transmission, but would a sensor from a 90-92 car directly fit the either the 400 transmission or the 200-4R transmission, or would I need aftermarket parts to do this? I've also wondered if the vehicle speed data going from the car's present speed sensor (that's attached to the manual speedometer) to the computer would be sufficient to attach directly to a digital 90's speedometer? I've also wondered if you could take an early 80's Eldo/Seville digital speedometer (less the fuel gauge & range reading) and somehow squeeze it into the Fleetwood's smaller speedometer area. Any info would be appreciated! Doug