Im sure this question has been asked before. I also had ckecked the forums but wasnt able to come up with any answers. I just bought the other day a digital dash from a 90 deville or fleetwood not exactly sure but im having problems putting it in. Of Course the harnesses dont exactly line up and plus my deville only has one harness compared to the 2 on the digital, But most of the wires do match according to color other then the components that i dont have on my deville like antilock and airbags. The problem is,there is 3 brown wires on my deville and 4 on the digital i figured out what 2 of them was which one was for the airbag and the the other for ignition which for some reason needs to be connected in order for the car to start and some how drained my battery. I aslo figured out all the signals and warning lights.,But i seem to be having a problem with the car starting after connecting the brown wires and plus i think some of the colors of the 2 harnesses might be diffrent for exp. On the deville theres a lt. green wire for battery charge indicator on the digital that wire is lt green/black. Also I think the dimmer and the main 12v line have diffrent colors. So since i was not sure where exactly the main 12 v line was on the digital but knew where it was on the deville and what brown wires are for what and what dimmer wires and night lights are for what i decided to stop before i screwed up my ecm or bcm. If anyone have any info or wiring diagrams for this conversion or know of any place where i can buy a conversion harness for this particular job please let me know. Thank you.