NEED HELP. I am new to the cadillac brand. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong. I am going to provide as much information as possible incase I am the cause of the problem.

Car: 2004 Cadillac Deville DHS 24,000 miles.
Temperature controls set to Auto: 72* with passeger set to hi.

1) when I am driving the vehicle and I activate the cooled or heated seat button, the drivers seat does not cool and or heat. The door keys light up but the seat does not cool and or heat depending on which feature I want to activate. If I stop, turn the vehicle on, restart the vehicle and IMMEDIATELY push either heat or cool. The seat cools or heats up. If I turn it off, drive 10 miles, then turn the heating or cooling on. The system does nothing.
2) This also happens on the passenger side.
3) The back heated seats NEVER have this problem.

:This is what people have told me:
1) I have been told by some people, that if I am running the heater 72 degress in 60 degrees exterior temperature that the cooling would not work as it circulates air from the vents(main A/C system), it does not have its on cooling A/C and therefore they can only cool when the A/C is running? Is this true?

2) I also have been told that by setting the memory system, it also stores the seat temperature, main car temperature setting at the time it was programmed/stored. So this would affect it.

ther things I have noticed that might be related in someone helping me:
When I picked up the vehicle from the dealership where I purchased it, the seats cooled and or heated. Also when I put the car in reverse, the passenger mirror would tilt down. I noticed that the passenger mirror "sometimes" tilts down and other times it does not. I "attempted" to program the memory functions on the car, and they said that perhaps I messed up or turned off the heated seats/cooled seats or changed how they work, same thing on the mirror. If I messed up the seating, how would I return the car to "factory" defaults?

Thanks for your help... I have only had this car for 200 miles, just purchased... I love it but now I am starting to get worried.