I purchased this kit used, locally, from a man who claimed to have bought it "BRAND NEW" and only used it once; on one set of holes. Then, I used it 4 more times on 3 different 2000+ DeVille's.

The first one, I messed up, by re-using "torque-to-yield" head bolts. Not only re-using the old ones, but also using the same torque/angle spec's as you would for the new bolts! (BAD IDEA! USE NEW BOLTS! Or, if you're brave enough, eliminate at least 2 of the angle torque procedures; if not all three.) Therefor, I severely over-tightened the old bolts...and had to tear it all down and do it ALL OVER AGAIN! D'oh! You can only imagine how I felt, after taking all the extra time I had from 3 months of my life, and going to turn the key and watching it steam just as bad; if not worse, than it had previously!

I went from taking 3 months, after work (full-time work!) & also in classes (full-time classes!), to do a DeVille (from start to finish) in about a week - 2 weeks (depending on how hard I was on myself) under the same conditions, except I went from second-shift to first-shift. So, that gave me more "awake" time. Needless to say, I was awfully proud of myself by the time I did the 4th one in a week. And not only did I do it in 1 week, but I did it for right around $250 - $300; without cutting corners! There are MUCH better ways of acquiring quality parts cheap than some of the leading automotive parts stores (as anyone who has any moderate - experienced mechanic work would know).

I documented just about every step involved, via pictures, in doing a head gasket job on a 2000+ Northstar. (I'd include all those pictures, and my own personal phone #; for any assistance or advice; to any buyer who wanted it. I think that I could literally do a 2000+ DeVille with a blindfold on. -- For a little bit of an extra fee, of course. :-)

Anyway, enough about me and my Northstar experience...I will tell you about this tool. Each bit has been buried in to 70 head bolt holes! The 3 times I had to insert my blocks, + the one rear bank done on the previous owner's (whom bought it brand new, from "Mechanic's Tools and Bits", for around $450 - some-odd dollars (OUCH!), after shipping and taxes you might as well say it cost $500 "BRAND NEW". And this, my fellow Cadillac owner's & enthusiasts, is exactly why it costs $1,500 (for a "speed-job") - $2,000+ to get your head gaskets replaced on your Cadillac. And these repair places will not always insert every single hole, as I whole-heartedly believe should be done, but only the ones where it is obvious that the bolts have pulled aluminum threads out with them. I mean, you're already there! Replace them all! If nothing else, at least replace all 10 holes on the head known to be blown. But, I.M.H.O., if I'm going to go through the labor involved in this lengthy procedure, I'm going to do it right.

I've never dealt with Aurora Northstar's, but I believe that the head bolt kit works perfectly well with the smaller Aurora Northstar's (& also was told, by the previous owner, that he had bought it to do the head gasket job on the rear head in his Aurora. This same person, who is not a mechanic by profession, claimed to have done this without pulling the engine! That, to me, is amazing. But, I've only done DeVille's. And, there really is no easier way than to drop the whole cradle. Sure, you could probably get it accomplished without dropping the cradle...but trust me when I say that I gave it a go, and gave up quickly to drop the cradle. And I do not own a lift of any kind. Just a heavy-duty engine hoist, two floor jacks & a fabricated "rolling contraption" to rest the cradle down on. Which is much handier than using jack stands, TRUST ME!

Okay, if it's not obvious by now that I know (at least somewhat!) what I'm talking about, then I don't know what to tell you. Go pay the $1,500+ price to a professional mechanic to do it. But, with this tool & some various other "not so common" tools, you can do it yourself in a few weeks. Less than a week if you can totally devote your time to it until completion. With my pictures & help, + personal advice, (if you feel like you need it. & trust me, if you aren't an ACE Certified Mechanic that has experience with Cadillac's, you will GREATLY benefit from an experienced hand! I have never torn down a pre-2000 DeVille (always liked the 2000+'s better), nor any SeVilles, or Aurora's, I can offer at least some assistance in the "bare-bones" parts of the job, for sure.

I'm offering just the tool alone for a price of $350!!! Remember, even though it has been used 70 times, each bit in this kit is of VERY HIGH QUALITY and is still VERY SHARP! They are machinist/machine-shop quality bits.

With the pictures, I would charge $425. That's every-step-of-the-way pictures! If that isn't enough, for about the same price you could buy a "BRAND NEW" tool for, you will also get my assistance. Any step-of-the-way that you find yourself needing it. A, what I could definitely have considered "low price" after doing this job once or twice with nothing but my own moderate mechanical knowledge (& of course the help of the internet) of $525.

Not only all of that! But, if you are dissatisfied with any of the second optional packages I am selling along with this tool, the pictures & advice, I will refund you. If it is for reasonable reason, if you "give-up" because you realize you took on more than you can handle, then obviously that is not my fault! If you don't set-up right and take your time & break a bit, I will not refund you. I will, however, help you acquire just that bit and not the whole kit for a much lower price! You get my drift: I will be reasonable with you so long as you are reasonable with me.

If you made it to the end of this very long TimeSert tool add, then congratulations! You may just be determined enough to save yourself a TON of money! (Oh, by the way! I can also tell you how to get all the necessary, quality, parts as cheap as possible! Around $300, is what I would say.) So, it's up to you...If you love your Cadillac, and want to know how to take care of it, then this is the way to go. I will always own a DeVille. I love them. And I know them like the back of my hand, and how to fix them MYSELF! To Hell with a $2,500 Dealership bill, and possibly a return back to them because they didn't do it right! Or maybe you want to start doing what I did, and flipping these cars to make some pretty solid profits! I was finding DeVilles that needed the head gasket job done, at around 100k miles (that were obviousy NOT VERY WELL maintained by their owner's) for sometimes prices of around $800 - $900, trailer, gas, & all! Then I'd put my $300ish in to it, plus my time, and sell it for anywhere from $2,500 (for a aged, non-maintained one with other issues) to upwards of $4,000 for a nice one with 100k miles!

You can contact me via telephone, text or call, at: (765) 524-0012. My name is J.D. And we can set-up arrangements, shipping, whatever you need or want!