I bought a new Dodge Ram Quad Cab and have decided to sell my 2000 DTS Cadillac. Three cars is too many!

My car has been well cared for with 102K miles. Color is Sterling Silver with Black Leather interior in excellent shape!

The following maintenance has been done:

July 2013:
New radiator and hoses
Chapman Auto $300.00

May 2013:
-Replace evap vent valve
-(3) window regulators with upgraded motors
-New valve cover gaskets
-Torque converter clutch solenoid w/new trans gasket, fluid & flush
-(8) OEM spark plugs
-Heavy duty battery w/5 year warranty
-Replace complete brake control unit and EBCM module
-Complete fuel injection cleaning including the fuel rails
-New fuel filter
-Mobil 1 synthetic oil w/air and cabin filters
-Power steering flush
-Rear license plate bulbs
-Professionally recovered sun visors and sliding sunroof cover
-(2) New OEM fog light units w/upgraded Sylvania SilverStar lights
_(2) New TYK driver light units with Sylvania SilverStar zXe lights
-Replace left front axle
-Coolant flush with Dexron
-New OEM 6 disc CD player in glove box
Work completed at Chapman Auto for $5,667.43 w/receipt.

March 2012:
-Brake fluid flush and fill
-New serpentine belt
-Work completed at Good Guys Auto for $271.00

Nov 2012:
-(4) Brand new Yokohama Avid Envigor tires W/8K miles on them!
-Front brakes and ceramic brake pads
-Work completed at Good Guys Auto for $907.35

April 2010:
-New front and rear coil packs (work done by a private mech.)
-Parts $410.00

April 2010:
-NEW engine halves gaskets replaced (a major repair!)
-New water pump with thermostat and crossover
-New CPS (crankshaft positioning sensors)
-Complete fuel injection system cleaning
Work completed by Ernie von Schledorn for $5,041.00

Jan 2010:
-Both front wheel bearings replaced (work done by a private mech.)
Parts $90.00

Jul 2009:
-New oil pan gasket
Work completed by Ernie von Schledorn for $1,397.00

I have ALL receipts and oil changes since I purchased the car in July of 2009 with 54K on the odometer.

In July of this year my radiator exploded on the 91West. This caused a minor head gasket leak, but in know way effects performance, gas mileage, etc.
It may run slightly rough when started after sitting for a day or two, but it clears up in less than a minute. You're just burning off a tablespoon of coolant from the cylinder.
I have yet to add ANY coolant since a new radiator was installed. I'm honest and want to be upfront about everything I know about my car.

I take great care and pride with anything I own and my car is no exception. The pictures speak for themselves. It's hand washed weekly and waxed twice a year. Oil is every 3K miles.

I have the original window sticker from 2000 and this car was $53,910.00 new and has every available option except night vision


Mike, Anaheim Hills, CA