Beautiful car, 64k miles. 4.6L N Runs great, smooth and cool. 24 hwy mpg. No dents, barely a scratch. Very nice interior, no tears, stains. Everything intact. Recent coolant flush, serpentine belt, coolant pump belt. Less than 10,000 miles on front and
rear brakes and front tires. Rear tires older but good. Needs a blower motor. VATS was bypassed successfully when no start
occurred. Instrument cluster successfully programmed for coolant temp/alt/rpm readout. Both procedures thanks to the good
and talented people sharing their knowledge on Cadillac Forums.
I love this car, but I need a small truck. Will consider trade.
Contact me at, or call 661-400-6357.
Tried to attach pics, but their too "big". If you're interested, email me, and I'll send some pics.
Thanks, Dean