I hate to be the guy to sign up for a forum only to try and sell something, but unfortunately I am.

I bought my CTS coup about 2 weeks ago and put 600 miles on it . Its a great car and I love it, just miss shifting. They stopped making it in a manual and I didn't want to go for the " V". I got a great lease deal on it and decided to go for it. I have the car up on swapalease, so I am trying to either swap out of it or sell it for close to my payoff which is around 43k, the lease payment is 574 tax in on a performance car with 38 payments left 12k miles a year. Its black/black. If you are interested or know anybody who is, please feel free to respond or instant message me.

I don't know if this link works, but here is a link to swapalease http://www.swapalease.com/lease/deta...x?salid=719997

If not, its the only black/black CTS coupe on there from Florida asking 547 a month.

Thanks for reading.