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Thread: So, GM has a new boss - a Woman!

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    So, GM has a new boss - a Woman!

    ...and GM is pulling Chevy out of Europe in favour of Opel as well as expending Cadillac over there.
    In addition, GM is shutting down Holden in Australia a year after Ford shuts their production facilities there.

    some observations...

    - two ways to make a car; one by having Accountants / Marketing people (through "Focus Groups") be the lead manager; the other by having an automotive engineer (styling, chassis, engine, etc.) the the head.
    Even though Mary Barra, the new GM chief, started an an electrical engineer, she's spent a long of time being in HR and in other jobs.
    Wonder how she'll work out...and will the gov't have to step in again in a few years to rescue GM?

    - Opel is where it is at in Europe. They make excellent cars, particularly the Insignia station wagon. Why GM doesn't bring it to North America - as is, not modified or with "Buick-suspension" is beyond me.
    Also, as good as the CTS and the ATS are, I'm afraid, Euros are not buying them. The only Cadillacs that Euros foam-at-the-mouth over are the late '50's and early '60 big wing creatures. Can one blame them?

    Your thoughts?

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    Re: So, GM has a new boss - a Woman!

    ^^^ Given the kind of service that GM supplies for new Cadillacs in Europe it is no wonder they have a very limited appeal. With only a couple of service centers in the UK and also very limited service in the rest of Europe. I am sure that service on Cadillacs in Europe, especially at Opel dealerships, suffers from the same fate that Cateras did at Cadillac dealerships here in the states. The techs throwing up there hands and thinking, if not actually saying, these cars are different, I don't want to learn anything new so the hell with them. It wasn''t until foreign car makers set up good to excellent service facilities here in the U.S. that their brands became popular.

    As far as a female at the top of General Motors, why not they probably couldn't do any worse that the male clowns that have headed the company for the last forty years!
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    Re: So, GM has a new boss - a Woman!

    All the buzz I have read about Barra has been good. All the Automotive News stories and touted her as a "car gal" who came from a family of an hourly worker of GM. They said is was reassuring to have someone at the helm who has been on the line other than on a factory tour.

    Bob Lutz had praise for her.....that is all I need to hear to be encouraged! He is not one to mince words, a very smart businessman, and IMO is a product God.

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    Re: So, GM has a new boss - a Woman!

    She's been there since 1996. I hope that by witnessing the worst of GM, she'll know how to do the best.

    Also good to see Reuss in a position of power regarding product.

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    Re: So, GM has a new boss - a Woman!

    I bet she is good for the Company. I also just read that are pulling out of Australia. No more Holden.

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    Re: So, GM has a new boss - a Woman!

    Quote Originally Posted by LS1Mike View Post
    I bet she is good for the Company. I also just read that are pulling out of Australia. No more Holden.
    With what I've been reading, mainly the exchange rates and it being a tiny market volume wise, they just couldn't make it work.

    I just hope they don't end the Holden platforms, products, and styling. IMO those Aussies really had something going with the Ute and Commodore sedan. With the Australian stylists at work, these were loud, wild, looking cars.

    The restyled stuff they've brought to the states has sucked from a style/flair perspective. IMO they borrowed all the guys who did the 1994 Caprice, and 1997 Calvalier/Sunfire to the table to restyle the Aussie products for "American taste". Its just plain bad IMO, how they neutered the GTO, G8, and now the SS, vs those wild fender flared, brightly colored, vulgar Aussie cars. They should've marketed these cars as "Straight from the Outback" and sent us the craziest looking HSV cars they offered.

    Also, I think a 4 door V6 and V8 Ute priced from about 26-45k would've sold like hotcakes. It has the same bed size as a Silverado crew cab, but yet its something different and way more fun to drive. Really I think GM missed the target here, considering how coupes and large sedans are niche markets. Pickup trucks and 4 door sedans are king.

    I'm sure they would have found an audience, especially if they marketed it as a family muscle car like Chrysler has done with the Charger and 300c.


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