Tis the season to make goals for next year and be thankful, so here's both. I'm planning a XUSA drive for fun and to raise $ for those who risk everything for our freedom & safety. If you'd like to pledge, details are on the page below.

The goal is simple. Sometime in 2014, I will drive across this great country from sea to sea. Dates and route are still to be determined. The vehicle will be one from his current stable (Cadillaxe, Gripper, or S1K), so there's a 67% change it'll be on two wheels vs. four. I'm giving myself 72 hours (3 days) for the drive to allow for human and machine issues.

The deal is simple. If you'd like to pledge, simply send an email to bouncingoffguardrails @ ychrome.com (minus anti spy spaces surrounding @) stating the amount you'd like to pledge and to which heroes you want the money to go to. If the drive is successful, I will post pics at both coasts less than 72 hours apart and provide information for you to send the donation. Thanks for thanking the people that risk it all for our freedom and safety. (Links to charities are wounded warriors and fallen officers)