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I've lived and bicycled in New York and Chicago, and biked in some great places. San Diego to Carlsbad I rank the best. The best lake ride is the path along Lake Michigan in Chicago. I had a string of tri athlons And have always biked. For now I'm happy to take my mountain bike to the shore and get 100 in a six day stay.

currently, I live in Bucks County PA. The bicyclists on these country roads are totally insane and nazis to boot. I see them every Saturday. Some of them spend 8-10$k on a bike. They look like canaries, and demand part of the 45 mph road. It's unsafe. They aren't nice. There is no shoulder, just ditches, rocks, boulders, tree.s etc..

There it is, I'm ranting again. But, if you've live here or seen this, youknowwhatI'mtalinabout.
Come to ride in Holland. You'll love it! About the best bicycle infra-structure world wide.
We have park decks for bicycles and the best integrated bicycle lanes.

And how about innovations like these:

The bicycles have priority over motorist traffic in town centers. Removing the center line and adding marked lanes on the side without physically narrowing the road is a nice trick to slow down traffic.