Not sure if there are normally rules about this thing, but what the hell, here goes.

Some of you from the RWD section may know "Bone Collector" (Ryan Van Ausdall). He joined the Forum some time back, seeking aid with his '69 S&S Hearse. He has not been able to get online much, but his project has come along VERY well and the restoration is looking incredibly promising. He has not had as much free time lately, due to an injury from work.

A few of us from the RWD section have gone on to add him on "Facebook", due to it being easier to keep in touch. Naturally, I was one of them. We Hearse enthusiasts need to stick together.

Anyhow, upon telling us to look there, he instructed us that we would know his page when we saw a profile image of a "Demon Bust". what we went on to learn from there is that he had actually sculpted it himself (though unfinished) and have since watched him actually make strides in progress in detailing it. I must admit that in my life, I have met all types of prop makers who work for film studios or professional Haunted House prop supply chains. What impressed me most was not merely the intricate detail Ryan was able to portray in his work but that he had actually NEVER tried sculpting anything before. Ever.

Naturally, several of his friends and I were blown away to hear this.

Now, in an effort to pursue his dream, he is trying to get the word out. Given his work-related injury and difficulties with Worker's Comp and the State's disability program not yet starting up, he has been focused on more important tasks and has had less time or money to invest into his side projects. His doctors tell him he may very well not be able to return to work afterwards.

He has started the following page, in an effort to collect donations and will be issuing gifts to those who do donate. Every single dollar does help, but I am not here on his behalf to ask for your donation. Instead, I feel that per chance, some of you may know someone, someplace who may be interested in helping him out. Even leaving a comment on this page would be a nice way to show support, methinks.

If you watch the video in this link, you'll catch a glimpse of his Cadillac as well.