CF is growing in membership by as much as 30 per day ! This notice is for all, and particularly for newer members who are not quite up to speed on forum-hopping at the click of a button.

When you log in, the CF main page opens. The second group of Forums is Registration, Help Desk, and Rules and Guidelines. You need to read and understand the one-post threads contained in R&G.

R & G is a closed forum of CF policy and organization statements. It is the basic operating manual for Members of all classes, Mods, Super Mods, and Admins. As in jurisprudence, ignorance of law is no excuse. CF integrity and policy comes first and foremost.
Registration and Help Desk are for questions concerning your CF membership and stuff such as PM problems, picture upload advice, replies to membership application, etc.

Thank you for your interest, advice, and dialogue. We're all in the same boat.