The car is basically in excellent condition with a few relatively minor things to be done, such as adjustment of the heating/AC circulation system and a tear of the material of the driver's side armrest (rest of door panel is perfect). According to the previous owner the AC simply needs to be recharged. He added that there may be a tiny leak in the system. Not a big fan of AC, I've never looked into it, but it likely will work with a recharge. There are a few relatively tiny rust areas on the body, only 2 of which are on the exterior. However, in no case has the rust eaten thru, and so they can be fairly easily sanded down and touched up.

Car has original AM/FM stereo with original 8-track. Power windows, doors, seats, everything else, works. I currently have on it the tail lights and grill from a 77 Coupe (77 thru 79 DeVilles were basically the same car). I happened to like the 77 tail lights and grill better, but do have the original 79s if you would like to switch back. I also currently have on the car 2-inch white wall tires and chrome spoke basket rims. They resemble true spokes, but are actually removable spoke baskets over chrome rims which I have painted flat back to make the spokes look more realistic. In other words, the spokes are chrome, but the part of the rim directly behind them is painted flat black to give the appearance of black empty space behind the spokes. The outer part of the rims are still chrome (see photos). As with the tail lights and grill, I have the original 3/4-inch white walls and original Cadillac hubcaps w/locks as well, in case you prefer them.

As a bonus, the car will be appearing in a movie soon to be released (although in just one scene) titled 79 Parts. One of the stars of the film is Julia Roberts' brother Eric Roberts. Eric Roberts co-starred with actor Mickey Rourke in the 1984 movie Pope Of Greenwich Village. The car is also on the cover of the November 2013 British edition of Vogue Magazine, although in an extreme closeup where all you can see of the car is the white leather interior. Actress Claire Danes of the Showtime series, Homeland, is sitting in the driver's seat. The photo shoot took place at the Good Fellas Diner in Maspeth Queens. It's where DeNiro knocks over the phone booth outside. The car is scheduled for another photo shoot this week with a model posing alongside it. Unlike most, this car can pay for its own gas and insurance! Well, part of it anyway.

Best offer over $7,000
114,500 miles.

Photos at my Craigslist listing: