I was going to look for a Cadillac with spare tire carrier on rear and hardtop owned by Marie "The Body" MacDonald but all I could find was the open two seater LeMans, of which there were four made. Maybe that one I saw a picture of in the Pan Pacific auditorium was one of these with a hardtop? The car burned up, maybe the whole building did. In this blurb from a website called Lost ShowCars it says:

"Shown is the original 1953 Cadillac Le Mans, one of four built. This one was later given to a California Cadillac dealer who sold it to shoe store magnate, Harry Karl. Karl had it customized by famed customized, George Barris, for his bride to be, actress Marie MacDonald. This Le Mans was destroyed in a building fire in May 1985. A few parts not on the car at the time of the fire still survive including the engine. The second example was originally painted the same as the one seen above, but was later titled to GM styling chief, Harley Earl, who had it repainted black and changed the interior color to yellow. The fate of Le Mans #2 is unknown. Its last known location was the showroom of Greenlease-Moore Cadillac-Chevrolet in Oklahoma City where it was on display in early November 1953."

So my historian's mind wants to know what was the lowest one of these two seater Cadillacs ever was offered in an ad or bought for? Of course, you can't beat the price the car dealer friendly to Earl paid--he got his car for free. I think there's at least one of these that appears at concours in Los Angeles. I can't remember if there was a provision for a hardtop or softtop. Are the locations of at least two of them known.
By the way I know Karl married Debbie Reynolds, who complained later he spent all her money and dumped her. I wonder if he ever married Marie and why she was called "The body?" Reminds me those pointy bullet-shaped chrome bumper guards were called "Dagmars" back in my day for a statuesque tv star named Dagmar.