Hi guys, sorry I was away so long. It seems my thread was archived and I see there were some replies. I wanted to answer and give an update of how the two cars are doing.

The 66 is a wreck. She's my baby though, but she needs a complete restoration. The interior is pretty much intact, but will have to be completely redone. I intend on keeping her original, and have found a match for the interior fabric which I believe was only used for the late 60s S&S hearses but I could be wrong. The chassis is pretty solid. There is a hole in the passenger side floor, flinstones style, that's caused by a leak in the windshield right above. There's an upsideown V shaped crack in the windshield right in the middle on the bottom so that needs to be replaced. I need to finish her body work and primer then she will be painted but I have to figure out how to get the rest of the trim off, which S&S made notoriously difficult. The whole roof has to be ground down.. But luckily has no holes in it from water getting under the vinyl top. She needs a trans rebuild, a carb rebuild, and some wonky stuff going on in the engine possibly. Someone also painted the radiator black and she overheats at idle which may or may not be due to a weird fan issue. She has some new stuff, but I had to replace a fuel line last week because she was gushing all over the pavement. Also needs a front end rebuild. Ugh.. Labour of love though!

The 84 is another story. He's got an intermittent wiring issue going on, which arbitrarily fixed itself a couple of weeks ago. He broke down a couple of months ago while I was driving. He desperately needs a carb rebuild but has a relatively new rebuilt engine, about 15,000 miles on it. But it does have an oil leak somewhere, and it overheated a bit once so I hope it hasn't been damaged. He too needs a front end rebuild. Other than that, some body cracks where the fiberglass top meets the metal is about all, and some interior rips and tears. Other than that, his smog equipment is missing and doesn't pass smog (classified as a gross polluter by California standards.)

Both cars have 4 overdue tickets on them. The 84 reg is up this month and we don't yet have the title in our name due to not being able to smog it yet. My boyfriend actually gave it to me for my birthday on may 14th. Previously it was his.. Now I have true possession of both the 66 and 84. However, on my birthday my other boyfriend who I met in the hearse club gave me yet ANOTHER hearse! But, it's a Lincoln so I won't talk about it here haha.. Suffice to say, it's a one of a kind 85 Lincoln town car hearse, the only one ever built in the San Fernando valley. So, my fleet is growing and I hope I soon have enough money to restore them all!

ETA: I forgot to mention, about the 66, she has an odd thing about the idle speed. She seems to idle high in gear and lower in park, especially after I rev the gas a little. I can't seem to figure it out as most people I've seen posting about a similar issue seem to have the reverse problem. She also jerks really hard when going into drive and especially reverse. I've tried other places to figure out the problem and had no luck.