Just posted an intro over in the new members section... figured I'd drop in here and say hello as well.

I picked up a '75 Eldo rag a few days ago. Found the local car on eBay and gave it a good going over before putting my bid in, but there are always things you overlook. Like the power lock switch on the driver door that locks but doesn't unlock. Like the under-dash switch that a previous owner installed to try to get the power antenna working again. Like the ratty aftermarket carpeting that I honestly didn't even pick up on while spending two hours looking over the car before buying

There are a few nice surprises. The updated A/C was inoperative but charged right up and blew cold. I knew the front end was going to need some attention, but I completely missed the new CV joints and a-arm bushings on both sides. The radio was proclaimed dead by the previous owner, but I found that it worked fine once connected to working speakers. Now I just need to get my hands on a Dean Martin 8-track.

Anyways, just throwing my hat in the ring and looking for any tips or advice from the seasoned guys here; it's been a while since I had to decipher vacuum hoses and chassis return speaker grounds!