I know this is really nuts, but I've got a car that I've got it in my head is the one I want. It's a 1979 Seville. According to the craigs add, it's got a low mileage replacement engine and new paint. It's evidentally not running well at the moment. Believe it or not, I have a shipper lined up to ship this up to me in Washington. I have not yet been in contact with the seller. I know the car has been on cl for some time, because I've seen it for well over a month.

What I'd like is someone to go take a look at it for me, make sure it's not got some glaring issues or a bad transmission, engine, that kinda thing. It would just be SO nice to have one of you cadillac guys put a set of eyes on this thing and give me the first hand account of what it is.

Would one of you guys be willing to do this for me? Admittedly I'm not sure what the rules are here in this forum for inserting phone numbers, etc, so I hope I'm not in violation for posting mine. It's 5099892382, I'm Greg. Feel free to text me and maybe you can help me pull this off! hahaha.