Incase anyone missed it in the Ontario forum I will post it here as well...

I am looking at getting into something else (as I trade my cars every year or 18 months) so the lease on my 2008 CTS FE3 RWD 6-Speed MANUAL Crystal Red CTS is up for grabs. The car is now on LEASEBUSTERS so I will add the link that details contact information and whatnot. The car has every option available except for an automatic transmission (I wanted a 6-speed) and as a result the remote starter. It has the summer tire package, LSD, Navigation, etc.

I do have additional snow tires and rims that are the same as the stock 18"ers in polished aluminum available if someone would require them.

This is a GM employee vehicle so in my opinion it is a vehicle that is well priced for the option content. I do flip my cars every 12-24 months so that is why this vehicle is available for lease assumption. I unloaded my last 3 cars through leasebusters...

Lease Take Over Summary
Take over this lease for 22 months for only $672.63 per month plus taxes with $0.00 total cash down. It currently has 18000 km’s and you can drive it up to 60088 km’s at no extra cost - which is equivalent to 21959 Free km's per year.

Any help you folks could provide in helping the lease get some exposure would be greatly appreciated.