Last month I took my 2013 XTS in for an oil change before a trip down south. I asked them to look at the suspension leveling air pump as it seam to be making a lot of noise. They said it was working fine. Two days before I had to return north the info system displayed a message saying the auto leveling system malfunctioned and the car was tilting to the right. I found the nearest dealer, Dimmitt Cadillac of Pinellas Park Florida. They were very busy but since I was on vacation and 1200 miles from my home dealer they took the car in. They replaced the pump and sensor and had the car washed and ready for me first thing the next morning. The car rides much better and I couldn't be happier with the treatment I received. My XTS is a year old and has 30000 miles on it and this is the first real problem I had. I just thought I'd share a story about a problem with a happy ending.