This turned out to be rather complicated, and was only resolved through the creativity of a Best Buy store manager. Wanting to take advantage of Best Buy's generous time-limited trade-in offer, I went to the local store and inquired. I was told in my county, only devices with receipts could be traded in to prevent trade-ins of stolen property. OK. That sounds good in theory, but how about those of us who don't have receipts, like Caddy owners whose iPads came with the car? Well, not even the obvious materials from the box and my car purchase papers would suffice. I was told to go to a neighboring county without those laws. Fine. Then, when home, I remembered the Cadillac logo on the back, and I wondered if that would be a problem. Called Best Buy's corporate office, and they said they do take trade-ins with logos, so I went to the "neighboring county" (30 min drive). The odyssey commenced. Serial number didn't show in Best Buy's list. And the "Agent" (their associates) informed me I couldn't trade it in because of the logo. I had called the store in addition to corporate, and they said I could, so I was miffed and told them I was going to file complaints all the way up the food chain after having driven there and confirmed it was possible. I was passed off to the manager, who then took over, found a creative way of processing my Caddy iPad as a "return-no-receipt", and I ended up with an even higher trade in $$. Awesome employee, finding creative solutions, and I went home with a new iPad Air (which is HUGELY faster!). And he said this was a one-time situation, so don't tell others to come to that store! LOL So, bottom line, if you want to trade in your Caddy iPad for the new iPad Air, be sure you ask your store all the important questions ahead of time before you wipe it and drive to the store to make the purchase! Oh, and I've commended that employee to Best Buy in the hopes he receives recognition for the great job he did.